Shopify vs Vend POS vs BooksPOS - Analyze which POS is better for your retail.

Shopify vs Vend POS vs Books POS – Let’s compare which point of sale software is better for your retail store?

When looking for POS software, don’t only search for a point of sale, but also evaluate it based on your store’s requirements. Vend and Shopify POS are limited to Purchases and Sales. However, BooksPOS focuses on all aspects of the retail business to help you grow.

Let’s look at six important things you need to consider making an informed decision”

Shopify vs Vend POS vs BooksPOS - Point 1Inventory Management


Inventory management is hard. An ideal POS software needs to make complex inventory management easy.

Features Shopify POS Vend POSBooksPOS
Unlimited Product Bins inside a retail location
Delay stock adjustments
Multi-Store Inventory
Stock Transfers with approvals
Inter-location Stock Replenishments
Advanced inventory reports
Tag Sales (or Purchases) using multiple vouchers
Warehouse Management
Partial physical stock counting

Shopify POS lacks behind as it doesn’t offer even basic features except for its multi-store inventory management.

Vend POS however offers you basic inventory management features where you can manage and control physical stock count also.

BooksPOS makes inventory management easier through its advanced features like unlimited product bins, replenishment, advanced inventory reports, and so on. BooksPOS gives you the control you need.

Winner – BooksPOS

Learn more about BooksPOS inventory management ->

Omni Channel

eCommerce Platform Shopify POSVend POSBooksPOS

Shopify POS is limited to its own Shopify platform. It does not allow you to sell over any other eCommerce platform.

BooksPOS and Vend POS, on the other hand, already integrates with Shopify, Woocommerce, and more marketplaces.

Winner – Tie between BooksPOS and Vend

Shopify vs Vend POS vs BooksPOS - Point 2Point of Sale


Features Shopify POSVend POSBooksPOS
End of day report
User activity reports
Advanced controls
Centralized Inventory
User Access Control
Barcode Scanning
Split Payments
Customized Invoices
Customer Data

Shopify POS is good software and offers you basic POS services that small retailers might use. Yet, Shopify lacks many advanced features such as customized invoices, customer data management, and so on.

Vend POS though popular, does not provide you an integrated point of sale features except a few. Using Vend, you will have to purchase add-ons to access those advanced traits. Also, there exist security demerits with Vend POS.

BooksPOS offers you almost all the point of sale self-integrated advanced features like customer management, user access control, split payments, etc. required in retail to help them grow.

Winner – BooksPOS

POS Security

Features Shopify POSVend POSBooksPOS
Business Data Privacy
Secure sales history
Customize staff access

Shopify POS offers you business security with sophisticated features to customize staff access.

Vend POS, the staff that enters new stock items, are also granted access to all your sales history that can reduce your privacy.

BooksPOS allows you to manage your staff access completely. Every part of BooksPOS can be shown/hidden based on user roles as well as specific user permissions. You get to define what each type of user should see when they log in. 

Winner – Tie between BooksPOS and ShopifyPOS

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Shopify vs Vend POS vs BooksPOS - Point 3Multi-Store Management


Features Shopify posVend POSBooksPOS
Multi-Store inventory
Stock transfers between stores
Single report for all stores
Franchise management
Create sub-locations in the warehouse
Process B2B and B2C orders from warehouses

Shopify POS proves futile for a multi-store point of sale system. It offers no such important traits that retailers can use to manage their multiple stores efficiently.

On the other hand, Vend POS provides you primary features for your multi-store inventory.

BooksPOS enhances and integrates with your stores or franchises with its single multi-store POS system with sophisticated features. Moreover, BooksPOS gives you visibility of all your stores in one single report.

Winner – BooksPOS

Franchise Management

Features Shopify POS Vend POSBooksPOS
MRP Discount
Revenue Sharing
Stock Replenishment
Profitability Reports
Real-Time Reports

Here, Vend’s and Shopify’s POS are on the weaker grounds when weighed for franchise management.

Shopify POS doesn’t support franchise management.

Vend POS provides you real-time reports only for other stores.

BooksPOS allows you to manage all your franchise stores and bill them on MRP discounts or allow revenue sharing. Moreover, BooksPOS also offers advanced replenishment controls, allowing you to see the current stock at your franchisee stores and fulfilling them quickly. 

Winner – BooksPOS

Learn more about BooksPOS Multi-Store Capabilities ->

Untitled design 9Financial Accounting


Features Shopify POSVend POS BooksPOS
Tax Compliant Reports
Financial Statements
Expense Management

Shopify POS runs on a weak accounting framework and you will have to use any other accounting software that is compatible with their POS software.

Vend POS accounting has been a hit or miss. Similar to Shopify POS, it is neither tax compliant nor even provides you with advanced accounting.

BooksPOS never lets you down. Accounting comes built-in in BooksPOS. Journal, General ledgers, Financial statements, Expense management, tax reports, etc, everything is included in the software. BooksPOS is the only platform that depicts the true picture of your business.

Winner – BooksPOS

Learn more about BooksPOS accounting ->

Shopify vs Vend POS vs BooksPOS - Point 5Customer Loyalty POS & Offers


Features Shopify POS Vend POSBooksPOS
Advanced loyalty slabs and features
Unlimited price-lists
Gift Cards
Coupon discounts
Product combos
Offers based on customer’s purchase history
Club multiple offers on the same product
Controls to disallow discounting
Manual discounts

As a retailer, you should be able to run smart offers that are unique, resulting in more sales.

Vend POS supports a loyalty program, but a miss is that it only offers gift cards.

Shopify POS allows you to create manual discounts and offer coupons to the customers.

However, BooksPOS does much more. BooksPOS allows you to create custom offers as well as feature-rich customer loyalty benefits and membership options. Moreover, all the offers get applied to your sales automatically with BooksPOS software.

Winner – BooksPOS

Learn more about BooksPOS CRM ->

Untitled design 10Get more value for what you pay


Shopify POS for retail needs a Shopify Subscription and an additional $89/month per location.

Whereas, Vend’s POS costs $119 per month.

However, BooksPOS starts with $29/month per device, which is the most affordable option with the best features for small retailers.

Winner – BooksPOS

Transaction Fees

Terms Shopify POSVend POSBooksPOS
Transaction Fee 2.0% per online transactionSwiped Rate – 2.90% + $0.30

Keyed-in Rate – 3.30% + $0.30
No Fee is Charged
Integrated Payment Available Available Available
Use of POS Payment Provider Mandatory –
otherwise the fee is charged
Optional –
the retailer may use his own best payment solution
Optional –
the retailer may use his own best payment solution
SurchargingNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable

Vend POS allows you to use either a solution that it already integrates with or you can bring your own. Also, Vend POS’s swiped rate and keyed-in rate are so costly that a small retailer cannot afford it.

Shopify POS, however, charges a separate transaction fee unless you use their own Shopify Payments.

BooksPOS, allows you to save more by using a payment solution that it already integrates or you can bring your own – either way, it does not take a cut off your sales. Additionally, BooksPOS natively supports surcharging, allowing you to save a lot more on your credit card transaction fees.

Winner – BooksPOS

BooksPOS Value

BooksPOS’s FeaturesValue
Accounting (Quickbooks)$75/mo
Omnichannel Inventory management$40/mo
Business Intelligence tool$200/mo
White Labelling options$50/mo
API Access*$250/mo

*API Access is a customs requirement, and there will be an additional cost to using it. The cost depends on a case-to-case basis.

BooksPOS gives more value to the dollar you pay than any other POS software in the industry. With the BooksPOS subscription, you get access to all the features as well as the updates that we release frequently.

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Conclusion – Shopify vs Vend POS vs BooksPOS


It is now clear that Vend and Shopify POS though popular, can’t compete with BooksPOS. It is not always compulsory that the well-known one is the only best. You should always look for alternatives before making any decision.

BooksPOS is an all-in-one Retail Management solution for your business. Shopify POS, on the other hand, is a part of a larger Shopify platform which is an eCommerce platform. Though BooksPOS supports everything Vend and Shopify POS provides, it does much more. 

Therefore, BooksPOS is the current best POS software in the industry. To know more,

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