Single Retail Cloud POS Software for your Entire Business

Unified Inventory across Sales Channels. Point Of Sales and Finance Reporting for Multiple Stores and Franchisees all in one single cloud POS software for smooth billing and operations.

Books POS software offers you to access all your offline as well as online marketplaces with a single software.

Cloud POS Software with Real Time Support

Embrace the new technology while our team ensures 24×7 support in your operations

Single Inventory for all your Sales Channels

BooksPOS offers cloud POS software and integrated accounting pos software that integrates with all your software easily.
Books POS offers you automatic integration with your accounting, payments, and tax software.

Real Time Reporting and Billing with Offline Support

Financial Reporting, Accounting and Payments

This software offers the facility of multi-channel over a single inventory.
Manage all your grocery and supermarket inventories with Books' grocery pos software.

Works with any of your Hardware

Powerful Features for your Business

We support real-world use-cases and our features allow you to execute your ideas.

Unified Inventory

Unified Inventory​

Sync Inventory and orders across multiple offline stores as well as your ecommerce website and all the marketplaces and save inventory carrying cost and time on manual work. 

Franchise Management

Franchise Management

Manage your franchise stores and bill them on MRP discounts or allow revenue sharing. Track profitability of your brand in real time on the sales at the stores. 

Works Offline

Works Offline​

Never let your operations stop when there is no internet. Stores can opt-in to offline mode which will sync all the transactions as soon as internet is established. 

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Bring back your customers by giving them loyalty points for shopping at your stores. Allow them to redeem these points across any of your stores. You can even create schemes on customers monthly shopping value and visits. 

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting

You do not need any accounting software with our cloud POS software, we will generate tax reports as well as financial statements. We create compliant journal entries automatically. 



Our cloud POS software is 100% API Friendly, we can integrate with your existing softwares for accounting, payments, shipping and inventory management. We take customer feedback seriously and continuously innovate our software. 

24x7 Business Continuity Support

Our team is trained to give support at any hour of the day and build features to help in your business



We will help you with migration from your current software to our software. 



We will install our software on all your devices and ensure they run smoothly everyday. 

After Sales

After Sales

We monitor your business, listen for your feedback and help you generate more sales. 



We will train your staff and provide all the necessary training as and when required. 

Finance Consulting

Finance Consulting

We help our clients with best accounting practices enabling them to become law-compliant. 

Stock Masters

Stock Masters

We guide on creating the stock item details and master information for better reporting.

Your Team Will Love Our Cloud POS Software

BooksPOS helps you mange all your inventory, payments, finances of your grocery store with our specialized grocery pos software.

What do you sell?

Every store is different and we can help you generate maximum sales with our cloud POS software.

Pet Shop
Skin Care

Are you 'in' the business or 'on' the business?

Proactive Restocking

Proactive Restocking

You will know when your stores need inventory before they ask for it. Increase your sales by 10% by stocking proactively with our cloud POS software.

Item wise Profitability

Item wise Profitability

Identify the real gross margin on each of your items being sold in real time. Increase your MRP or decrease costs for lower GP products and improve your bottom line by 22%. 

Automated Accounting

Automated Accounting

Save 50% of your time with our automated accounting which will record purchases and sales along with correct taxes. Auto-Generate delivery challans and tax reports. 


“Using Books POS has been a great decision. We are able to reduce our HR costs by $ 15,000. Moreover we are averaging 200+ transactions daily at the speed of 60-90 seconds per transaction. “

Dabin Wang, CEO



In any store if you are purchasing something and then ask the cashier for billing process, in other terms this transaction is known as POS transaction. POS is known as Point of Sale. Any transaction which takes place between trader and customer, then it means that transaction is going through POS System.

POS System can save your efforts of maintaining the balance sheet of every single transaction manually, this system can be used for recording the entire sales takes place in business, cash flows and this basically save a lot of time also. Business owners often rely on POS System to maintain their day-to-day transaction happenings.

BooksPOS is a single retail clous based POS system for your entire retail. Our omnichannel integration help small retailers to channelize their inventory over all available platforms – offline as well as online.

POS system can save a lot of efforts of maintaining daily basis business workings. Maintaining daily transactions of a business in cash registers can takes a lot of time, money and energy. So, saving all these efforts and working effective and efficiently you need a POS System.

Upgrading to POS system can gives you the freedom from lengthy procedure of maintaining cash registers daily, and to perform every transaction smoothly. POS System records all your business transactions and manages inventory also, produce reports and your stores customer data as well.

There are lots of benefits of using a POS System like this can save all your efforts and energy of maintaining records.

  1. POS System gives you the great accuracy in your transaction happenings.
  2. It can help you to record the details of your customers.
  3. It can help in inventory management.
  4. It increases the efficiency of work.
  5. It helps in having a detailed receipt of every transaction.
  6. It can give you the enlarged payment potentiality.
  7. It helps you to deliver the faster service to your customer.
  8. It makes simplified accounting.

While choosing a POS Software for your retail store, keep few measures in mind. POS Software compiles various inventory management tools and have the following qualities:

  1. Automate Inventory Management Restocking.
  2. Integrate with present software smoothly.
  3. Offers Mobile Access.
  4. Works Offline.
  5. Unified Inventory Management over all online marketplaces and offline stores.
  6. Accept all Hardware easily.
  7. Support Multi-location.
  8. Built-in accounting and Finance Reports

Yes, of course! Along with an effective inventory management team, your cloud-based inventory management pos system can see to your inventory management needs anywhere and anytime. A cloud-based inventory management pos system enhances your business to build up a reliable inventory management tools and offers many other features too. These include automated accounting, payments, and billings.

With BooksPOS, you can track your inventory throughout its supply chain. It helps to keep a better track of goods from purchase order to its sale to the ultimate customer.

Inventory management is complex and requires proper control. BooksPOS makes it easier through its advanced ability to tag inventory into unlimited bins (damage, shortage, excess, custom), delayed stock adjustments, multi-store inventory, stock transfers, and replenishments across stores, franchisee management, etc. You can also create multiple sales vouchers from a single register.

It helps you manage complex inventory problems with ease – BooksPOS gives you the control you need.

You can use paper logs or computer spreadsheets as a manual tool though it can be frustrating. Else, you can use an efficient POS system like BooksPOS as your single system for inventory management in the retail industry that ultimately automates and updates inventory levels as per sales made.

Yes, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for using a POS system. However, the fee structure varies among pos alternatives. Many POS systems uses its components from different companies, that has its own range of fees. For instance, the pos system regularly charges a monthly fee.

The fee charged will depend on the business scale and sales processing rate per day. The hardware, such as barcode scanner, is pieced from different company that might be on a rental basis, etc. Further, you might have to buy the software, such as accounting software, CRM software, etc. to make your pos system more efficient.

Altogether, this can cost you in a range from $60/month for the most basic features of a POS systems to $200+ per month for pos software with moderate features.

Also, some POS systems also charge you an additional transaction fee, that takes a cut of your profit, and reduce your profit-earning capacity.

BooksPOS is different. BooksPOS starts with $29/month per device. It gives more value to the dollar you pay than any other POS software in the industry. BooksPOS allows you to save more by integrating either with a solution that we already integrate with or you can bring your own – either way, we do not take a cut of your sales.

Additionally, BooksPOS natively supports surcharging allowing you to save a lot more on your credit card transaction fees. 

At their most fundamental level, independent company POS System incorporate Visa installment equipment and a system that sends the assets to your financial balance. POS System for private companies can likewise contain programming to help you run and develop your whole business, as point by point deals reports and examination, advertising instruments, client relationship the board, reliability programs, gift cards, etc.

Cash registers, on the other hand, are just machines that record deals, give change, and store cash. It’s critical to remember that cash registers don’t assume credit card installments. You need a different card processor system for that. Cash registers have essential capacities and can do some straightforward detailing, such as revealing to you the number of deals you made that day.

Not all POS Systems offers you franchisee management, yet BooksPOS allows you to manage your franchise stores and bill them on MRP discounts or allow revenue sharing. Track the profitability of your brand in real-time on the sales at the stores. 

Create and manage franchise stores for your brands allowing features like Sale Price Discounts when transferring stock to them. BooksPOS also offers advanced replenishment controls allowing you to see the current stock at your franchisee stores and fulfilling them quickly. 

BooksPOS provides you with deeper and accurate retail insights such as daily sales reports, product performance, cash tracking, and much more with advanced filter views as well as excel-like control within the software so you do not need Excel to analyse your reports.

It’s not necessary that all POS systems offers you all security measures. Some of them are even prone to danger of leakage of business’s sensitive information. In most of the POS systems, the staff that enters new stock items, are also granted access to all your sales history that can reduce your privacy.

However, BooksPOS solves this problem and gives you a full-proof secured business POS system. It allows you to manage your staff access completely. Save your important business information from being leaked by restricting access to only people you want in your system. 

BooksPOS provides every feature and tool that a small retail owner seeks for his POS system. Also, our software is affordable for every small retailer as well. We don’t eat your profits by charging any additional fees.

BooksPOS understand the needs of small retail owners, so we support them 24*7 to keep their operations running smoothly. So, what are you waiting for? 

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