Gifts POS software -
Delight your customers with BooksPOS

BooksPOS enables you to integrate your gifts POS software and give your customers increased loyalty benefits as well as various product customisation options allowing them to purchase different variety of products for their loved ones, thus increasing your profitability and average cart value. 

BooksPOS offers you a specialized Gifts POS software for the retailer who owns gifts or greetings store.

Cloud Based Gifts POS Software with Real Time Support

Embrace the new technology while our team ensures 24×7 support in your operations

Advanced Schemes and Offers with Loyalty Points

  • Easily create multiple combos and schemes for your products with BooksPOS gifts pos software.
  • Delight your customers by giving discounts on special occasions.
  • Give loyalty points to your customers on their purchases.
  • Accept bulk orders from your customers.
Manage your celebration offerings store with Books' Gifts store software.
Books POS offers you automatic integration with your accounting, payments, and tax software.

Real Time Reporting and Billing with Offline Support

  • Get real time sales and business metrics of your greetings store using our cloud based gifts pos software.
  • Generate bills and record payments without internet; auto sync even with slow internet speed.
  • Track Profitability of each store down to the level of each SKU.
  • Compare and find which schemes and offers are doing better.

Works with any of your Hardware

  • Works across all devices and os like windows, mac, linux and chromebooks.
  • Print Customer Receipts with any thermal printers using our supreme gifts pos software.
  • Works with all kinds of barcode scanners.
  • Barcode generators and POS Terminals integration for faster billing.
Manage all your grocery and supermarket inventories with Books' grocery pos software.

Powerful Features for your Business

We support real-world use-cases and our features allow you to execute your ideas.


Unified Inventory

Sync Inventory and orders across multiple offline gifts stores as well as your e-commerce website and all the marketplaces and save inventory carrying cost and time on manual work. 


Franchise Management

Manage your presents franchise stores and bill them on MRP discounts or allow revenue sharing with our specialized gifts POS software. Track profitability of your brand in real time on the sales at the stores. 


Works Offline

Never let your operations stop when there is no internet. Stores can opt-in to offline mode which will sync all the transactions as soon as internet is established. 


Customer Loyalty

Bring back your customers by giving them loyalty points for shopping at your stores. Allow them to redeem these points across any of your stores. You can even create schemes on customers monthly shopping value and visits. 


Finance & Accounting

You do not need any accounting software with our software, we will generate tax reports as well as financial statements. We create compliant journal entries automatically with our versatile gifts pos software.



Our software is 100% API Friendly, we can integrate with your existing gift store software for accounting, payments, shipping and inventory management. We take customer feedback seriously and continuously innovate our software. 

24x7 Business Continuity Support

Our team is trained to give support at any hour of the day and build features to help in your business



We will help you with migration from your current software to our software. 



We will install our POS software on all your devices and ensure they run smoothly everyday. 


After Sales

We monitor your business, listen for your feedback and help you generate more sales. 



We will train your staff and provide all the necessary training as and when required. 


Finance Consulting

We help our clients with best accounting practices enabling them to become law-compliant. 


Stock Masters

We guide on creating the stock item details and master information for better reporting.

Your team will love our gifts POS software

  • If you ever used tally in your greetings store, you already know our gifts pos software.
  • Every thing is on screen and there is no need to remember shortcuts.
  • Filter Views allow you to save your own reports which saves you tons of time.
  • Software can be integrated with your existing solutions thus saving time in manual work.
  • Easily identify key inventory and accounting metrics of your business with detailed reports.
BooksPOS helps you mange all your inventory, payments, finances of your grocery store with our specialized grocery pos software.

“Using BooksPOS has been a great decision. We are able to reduce our HR costs by $ 15,000. Moreover we are averaging 200+ transactions daily at the speed of 60-90 seconds per transaction. “

Dabin Wang, CEO



Are you 'in' the business or 'on' the business?


Proactive Restocking

You will know when your stores need inventory before they ask for it. Increase your sales by 10% by stocking proactively. 


Item wise Profitability

Identify the real gross margin on each of your items being sold in real time. Increase your MRP or decrease costs for lower GP products and improve your bottom line by 22%. 


Automated Accounting

Save 50% of your time with our automated accounting which will record purchases and sales along with correct taxes. Auto-Generate delivery challans and tax reports.