Loyalty POS Software -
Increase Your Sales by Offering Discounts and Loyalty Benefits

BooksPOS allow you to create custom offers, deals, discounts, price lists, combos, free of cost products for marketing as well as feature rich customer loyalty benefits and membership options. All the offers get applied to your sales automatically with our loyalty pos software.

Manage your multi store and franchisees with our multi store pos and make your customer happy by offering them loyalty benefits with loyalty POS software.

Rules based rewards with our Loyalty POS Software

Embrace and retain your customers with our specialized and integrated Loyalty POS Software

Customer Loyalty Benefits

  • Create memberships and offer special discounts and points on every transaction based on their levels.
  • Manage customers memberships with each through customer management module.
  • Automatically upgrade and downgrade your customers' memberships depending on their purchase history.
  • Offer redeemable points to your customers after every transaction made by them with loyalty pos software.
BooksPOS offers cloud POS software and integrated accounting pos software that integrates with all your software easily.
Books POS offers you automatic integration with your accounting, payments, and tax software.

Coupons and Gift Cards

  • Create rule based coupons that will only apply on the products you specify.
  • Coupons can be set on total usage as well as usage per customer with expiration date.
  • Offer gift cards after a mentioned quota of purchase done by the customer.
  • Gift cards are one-time transaction based coupons which can be generated automatically.

Advanced Offers

  • Apply schemes and offers on products and total bill amount with our loyalty pos software.
  • Create combo offers between multiple categories and products.
  • Apply schemes based on customer’s behavior like their average visit frequency or average monthly shopping value.
  • Advanced exclusion and inclusion rule based offers engine.
Manage all your grocery and supermarket inventories with Books' grocery pos software.

That's not it, there is a lot more!


Create multiple membership levels like Silver, Gold and Platinum with auto upgrade and downgrade rules based on customers purchase history. You can also define loyalty points via loyalty pos software for each level.

Purchase History

If you attach a customer to a sale, you will be able to view all the purchases made by customer in the past. BooksPOS will maintain all the purchase history for you. 

Price Lists

If you have offers on every product, you can create custom price lists for all your products using our loyalty pos. For example, Thanksgiving day discount on all products or a price list for a bulk buyer. 

24x7 Business Continuity Support

Our team is trained to give support at any hour of the day and build features to help in your business



We will help you with migration from your current software to our software. 



We will install our software on all your devices and ensure they run smoothly everyday. 


After Sales

We monitor your business, listen for your feedback and help you generate more sales. 



We will train your staff and provide all the necessary training as and when required. 


Finance Consulting

We help our clients with best accounting practices enabling them to become law-compliant. 


Stock Masters

We guide on creating the stock item details and master information for better reporting.

Your team will love our software

  • If you ever used tally, you already know our software.
  • Every thing is on screen and there is no need to remember shortcuts.
  • Filter Views allow you to save your own reports which saves you tons of time.
  • Software can be integrated with your existing solutions thus saving time in manual work.
  • Easily identify key inventory and accounting metrics of your business with detailed reports.
  • Loyalty POS software allow you to organize loyalty programs for your customers.
BooksPOS helps you mange all your inventory, payments, finances of your grocery store with our specialized grocery pos software.

“Using BooksPOS has been a great decision. We are able to reduce our HR costs by $ 15,000. Moreover we are averaging 200+ transactions daily at the speed of 60-90 seconds per transaction. “

Dabin Wang, CEO