The only omnichannel guide you need - Bricks-and-clicks.
What is Bricks-and-Clicks? The only omnichannel guide you need.

"Bricks-and-clicks: the latest trend to the retail industry." This new buzzword has gained a lot of customers under its influence. It looks the pandemic has drastically changed the customer’s shopping pattern. “Customer experience” is now mundane. However, “omnichannel” has become

Learn everything about order management
Order Management in Retail for your eCommerce business.

Order Management assists with following order from beginning to satisfaction and dealing with individuals, processes and information associated with the order as it travels through its life cycle. When a customer taps the "Purchase" button, their order's excursion starts. New

Bring your brick and mortar store to eCommerce
How to bring your brick and mortar store to eCommerce?

Bringing your brick and mortar to eCommerce online helps you in various cases, such as short-term benefits or long-term benefits. Short-term benefits means it keeps you selling your products while maintaining a proper social distancing and fulfilling their needs. In

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