A guide to grow your business, retail, and supermarket.

Running a business – retail, pet store, supermarket, grocery, or fruits, but stuck with its growth? Let’s accept it. Growing a business is hard and requires an intellect mindset to carry it.

To run a business, you have to step into different activities at a time.

  • It involves dealing with sales and marketing.
  • It involves understanding customer’s behaviour.
  • It involves managing sales and purchase records.
  • It involves controlling and managing your inventory.
  • It involves customer interaction and loyalty management on a daily basis.

And more in the way.

Thus, at the end of the day, it leaves you weary.

Struggling to grow your business is like moving in a dark tunnel in the search of light. Well, there is surely a light at the end of the tunnel. We know it is hard to reach, Yet, what’s another option?

A business drifted mindset would surely not give up at a sucking 9-to-5 job. Okay, you might get a security of a life longing fixed pay check. But, what about a mental price that will come?


The fact? There is no formula for success. The matter is, if you commit, clear your mind, and only look at different perspectives, you can easily see the scope, including various ways to grow your business at another level and make more money.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways to grow your business, may it be – supermarket, grocery store, fruit store, pet store, and other retail outlets.

So, let’s go…

Learn how to grow your business.

What is a business enterprise?

Enterprise is an alternate word for a profit entitled business or company, therefore, it is mostly linked with the entrepreneurial world.

Key requisites to grow your business

Running a business isn’t a left-hand game. It requires a good command over the implementation of your skills and knowledge in a variety of fields. “Practice makes a man perfect”, you might have heard this often in your childhood. However, it’s true in the business world. Your expertise will build up as you grow your business. Yet, analyzing where to get help and search for apt information is necessary to grow your business.

Key requisites to grow your business

Here are some points that cover the most common aspects to grow your business and help you gain more business knowledge.

Know your customers

Business runs only when it reaches to the potential customers. To grow your business, first know your customers. Knowing customers refers to analyzing the demographic area where your products or services are more likely to be purchased. Know your customer about their preferences, behavior, wants, and needs. Know your target audience to make your business reach out to them.

For example, low-income buyers will not buy a luxurious product, or anything out of their afford. Therefore, if you are a producer producing high-priced products, focus on the area where your products have opportunities to get sold.

Therefore, identify your customers. Learn your potential customer’s needs and maintain your product or service at least up to a standard that meets those needs.

You can grow your business by personalizing your products or services as per your customers and motivating them to provide an honest feedback. This way, you will know what your customers feel lacking and you can improve those flaws and earn brand loyalty.

Satisfy customers’ needs

Once you know your customers, satisfy their needs.

Business can be set up for a variety of reasons. Consequently, they have to meet customer’s needs for a long-lasting existence. However, you must look at the range of opportunities, characteristics of demand, and goals, to grow your business.

Satisfying a customer is always simple: just keep up with their expectations.

There are many ways you can satisfy your customer:

  1. Listen to your customer’s feedback and take proper action. This will help your customers’ trust that you are dedicated to work for them and consequently grow your business’s sales.
  2. Another way to satisfy customers’ needs is to meet their expectations. Most of the times, companies fail to meet expectations. This is because their and their customers’ expectation are different. It results in a major setback, and you will never meet your customer’s satisfaction. To grow your business, try to make realistic expectations by informing your staff about your goals and making them realistic as per your customers.
  3. To satisfy your customers and pervert them from shifting to competitors, you will need to pay attention to what your competitors are doing. Many companies and entrepreneurs don’t realize it, but your competitions influence a lot to what your customers expect and require. It’s useless to work hard if you don’t focus on your competitions. There’s no wonder your competitors will snatch away your potential customers by catering to your customer’s needs.
  4. Follow up with your customers. This will help your customers feel that they are actually valued. Also, follow-ups are an excellent mean to understand where you are lacking behind and what your customers want. Moreover, many companies start spamming the customers. However, that’s bad for your business growth. As long as you don’t spam with your customers, it would prove an excellent technique to satisfy customers.
  5. Make them comfortable to complain. If you want to foster loyalty and meet the customer’s requirement, it’s important to make it easy for them to complain. It’s obvious that hearing the customer’s feedback what sound good, however, their complaints are also a good means for you to learn about your flaws. The complaints would help you to improve your products or services and grow your business to another level. Therefore, try to motivate your customers to share what they don’t like in your product or services. You can do this by communicating them at every communication channel such as emails, phone calls, messages, etc.

Try to turn prospects into real buyers

How to convert prospects into customers? If you hold the right key to tackle your prospects heart, converting them into customers isn’t mission impossible anymore.

Turn prospects into buyers.

Now we will tell you 5 great tips on how to convert prospects into customers.

  1. Create a sense of urgency –
    Creating a sense of urgency is like manipulating customer’s mind to make them buy your product or service. Your customers will initially not have a sense of urgency of to buy your product or service, create one for them. Make them realize that what you’re offering them is very important. Show them that once they miss this great offer, they won’t have another chance to get this great opportunity again. Set a time cut-off for them and let their brainpower make a perceptive choice.
  2. Offer incentives –
    No customer can reject your noble gesture if you offer them a freebie. Just as you hope that they’ll spend money on your products, give them something “extra” so that they can feel your product is worth the money. Also, you can offer them a free introductory trial of how your product or service works.
  3. Collect email address –
    If your prospect doesn’t feel like having a conversation right now or they are in a rush, you can offer to jot down their email address or other means of communication so that you can contact them in the future. At the same time, give them one of your business cards, so that they can contact you when they need your product or service.
  4. Ask Questions –
    Be inquisitive. Constantly ask questions throughout the conversation to gain a deeper understanding of your prospects so that you’re able to answer their questions in more detail. Also, this can help you to address their needs by offering them suitable and appropriate products and services. Your answers to their questions can help you transform prospects into customers.
  5. Engage with those customers –
    People won’t randomly buy from you if you’ve not gained their trust. Firstly, you must engage with them so that they understand you and your products before they can make a decision. Also, try not to sell impulsively. Understand their problems before offering a suitable solution.

Value your current customers

To grow your business, you must focus to immediately try and attract new customers. Yet, don’t forget about your current customers.

You have earned credibility with your current customers. This means that your products and services are more likely to be purchased again and even more of the additional product or services, if you meet their requirements.

Analyze your opportunities to impress your current customers so they keep buying your products or services. For instance, you can add a new product range that’s better than the previous purchases.

Also, you can try increasing your service prices in exchange of adding new features, improvements, packaging, or other additions that might influence your customers more. In this way, you can grow your business more rapidly as the current ones will remain loyal and is captivating to the prospects.

Even though you have probably hit the maximum of covering your target customers, you can still extract more value from it. And a plus point here is, any changes you make to extend your current customer’s value might bring a call for attracting new ones.

Influence social media

Social media to grow your business.

Driving through social media can be exhausting. Yet, here’s a fact. You don’t need to have experience to start diving in social media. It is as simple as creating a business profile and start to grow your business through community of customers.

To handle your social media platform, you don’t need to create amazing images and videos, and posting every day is also not important. Rather, you should be active and regularly engage with your followers, reply comments and messages. In this way, you will gradually increase your followers.

Withal, this way proves a boon to grow your business. You can easily analyze trends and insights about your customers. A plus point about gaining insights is – you can use it to gain more followers through social advertisements.

Moreover, leveraging social media is too inexpensive. Using this, you can promote and attract the customer’s interest, or you can also run a full-fledged digital campaign.

Grow your team

How to grow your team? Firstly, to grow your business you need to focus on growing your customer reach and growing your sales. Moreover, you need to aim on offering extraordinary customer services that exceeds their expectations, therefore you need to target on the character of the people that join your team. Character refers to the quality mindset skills and other talents of the team members.

Set your goal on searching diverse attitudes that fulfill the duties and provide unique opinions and perspectives that challenge is your own. Make a staff that can suggest you the points that are even better than yours. It’s hazardous to business to have a staff with full of voices, yes man. This results too bad internal environment and self-making decisions. To grow your business, prefer a wide range of employees with different variants in experience, attitudes, beliefs, background, and specialties. Doing this, you create a pathway for new perspectives to your business that wouldn’t exist without them.

Moreover, as you go on bringing new employees, you also required to update your current staff by providing them professional trainings and development opportunities. Can you communicate with them well, show them that you value their work and their hard work that they’re doing for your business. Try to offer them more opportunities, ask suggestions from them in the goal-setting processes, arrange seminars and trainings for them for their betterment.

As a fact, the way you will treat your employees will automatically reflect the way you’re going to treat your customers. To grow your business and reach out to customers efficiently, start by managing relationships internally, and your business will consequently grow from there.

Identify your challenges

So, in the world of war, if an opponent knows what to anticipate from his opponent, he has an edge in war. If a country facing another enemy can anticipate which side that enemy is going to attack from this country has an edge.

Similarly, if you, the entrepreneur, can anticipate what you are guaranteed to face in the world of business, you have an edge! There are many challenges you are guaranteed to face in the world of business. Once you learn to identify your challenges, you have an edge.

5 challenges every entrepreneur will face:

Sacrifice Job Benefits

You got to learn the nine-to-five job, sacrificing your salary. That is challenging to say something, when you go from having a salary that’s coming in its warm, fuzzy environment. It’s a nice comfortable pillow you got benefits. You got all this up and then you say I’m going to be an entrepreneur; you have to sacrifice your salary benefits, health insurance – no matter what income.

Capital Management

What do I mean by Capital Management?
Time Clock on how much you’ve saved and what your expenses are you’re going to hear it constantly “tick tock-tick tock-tick tock!!”

The way you manage your capital will allow you to stay in business long enough to make it. As a business owner, you should know how to manage your capital properly to grow your business.
It doesn’t matter if you are a real estate agent, if you’re a technology company out of Silicon Valley, or if

You’re running a liquor store, you will need to know how to manage your capital yourself to stretch it as long as possible.

Processing Issue

This looks pretty bad – like a horror movie.
This looks pretty intense. For instance, we say software X limited, that is you will have to process many unknown issues that you’ve never experienced before. How do you do this?

You will stress out, “I don’t know how to work this out.”, “I don’t know how to handle this issue.” Before I never knew I needed this insurance policy to be able to do this event at the hotel! I never knew my requirements to be able to get a lease on a building.

If you don’t know how to solve for these situations, you go in. You’re going to have a hard time with it. But you need to expect there will be many issues – unknown issues. They need to be solved that no one else is going to prepare you for.

Team Building

To grow your business, one of the major focus should be team building – a sound team. To build a team, ask yourself these questions:

  • How are you going to put a team together?
  • How good of a recruit are you going to be?
  • How good are you at bringing solid talent, operations systems, sales technology compliance?
  • How are you going to do that?
  • What you need to do that team build out?

Increase sales

You can grow your business by increasing the number of sales by each customer that you gain.

If your increase the frequency of purchase by 20 percent, you will consequently increase your sales and profits by the same amount.

What are the things you can do to make your customers buy more from you and even more frequently?

Your sales’ size and your profit earning capacity, both impacts your profit margin. To grow your business, you should be continuously looking for opportunities to expand your sales by each customer so he or she buys more.

Grow your profit margin

To grow your business, try growing your profit margin.

Profit margin is the gross profit amount that you earn from the sales of your product or services. If you focus on increasing your sales by raising the price, decreasing the cost of the product, without compromising the quality, you can increase profits against each sale you make.

Remember, holding costs constant, and raising the price, flows straight to increase your profit, thereby growing your business earning capacity.

Moreover, if you hold sales and revenue of your business constant, and reduce your expenses, this will go straight to increase your net profit.

If you ask me, which way it’s better?

I would recommend the second one – Reduce expenses and grow your profits. If you raise the price, it will affect the demand of your product.

Therefore, to grow your business, try to lower the expenses and increase net profits.

Spend Smart

You can decrease your cost of gaining a customer. This refers to lowering the cost that you require paying to gain a customer. For example, advertisement.

To grow your business, focus on exploring creative and innovative advertising and promotional ideas that cost you less to gain each customer. Doing this, your expenses will decrease, keeping customers’ engagement constant. Thus, will influence your business growth, thereby, increase the profits drastically.

Continue to look for growth opportunities

It’s common that businesses fluctuate between level of growth and level of stagnation. The motive is to keep finding opportunities to grow your business. You should not be afraid to test new and creative opportunities. Yet, always make sure that you are to be determined with your goals and set the measurable results in your mind. This way you can prevent the turning of probable growth opportunity to a severe misstep.

However, if you are not sure to pursue the growth opportunity, re-read and modify your business plan and estimates. This will aid you in figuring out whether your initiative is fruitful or not or whether your business is in state to handle any financial urgency in short-term.

What is a supermarket business?

A supermarket business venture is an enormous, complex construction, including numerous segment substances:

  • A variety of rehash clients gathered in different neighborhoods.
  • A chain of retail locations.
  • Various transportation frameworks.
  • A bunch of stockroom circulation focuses.
  • A variety of item providers under agreement.

A store exists in a serious climate, where it goes about as a worth added delegate between topographically scattered provider organizations and the dissipated individual clients who at last purchase their items.                                                                    

A supermarket is a business endeavor that offers a support. It doesn’t create its very own actual result in the typical sense. All things considered, it adds an incentive by obtaining existing items from distantly found providers, gathering them in provincial stockrooms, circulating them to neighborhood stores, lastly offering the provider’s items to nearby clients.

A supermarket’s clients are principally nearby inhabitants and private companies that occasionally need to recharge their load of family unit items. A general store’s providers are basically makers of family unit items that are set up a long way from the areas of their last clients. In actuality, the store gives a virtual commercial center that unites distant providers with nearby clients. Given this plan, the general store “item” is its production network.

What makes supermarket different from grocery stores, and others?

As discussed above, supermarket brings together the suppliers and the regional customers, removing the intermediaries. The local small businesses often replenish their stock through supermarkets. Yet, many people say supermarket is more likely to be a grocery store. However, this is not the case.

After doing a lot of research, we came to a conclusion that supermarket and grocery stores are often used interchangeably.

Supermarkets are focused on providing all types of fresh groceries, seafoods, and other FMG products as well. However, a grocery store is more centralized than a supermarket. Unlike supermarkets, it’s focused on selling only specific groceries preferred by targeted demographic.

How can you grow your supermarket business?

To grow your business, it’s always a good thing the wander around do your involvement and search for with to eat your specific business type accomplish the success it deserves. Growing your business will not only affect your profits, yet it means of favoring and positive valuation of your work, therefore embracing your business profile and credibility in market.

To aid in growing your business, we did a research and have Assembled some important an easy to remember points on how to grow your supermarket business. It doesn’t matter at which stage you are in the market, these points are drastically influencing for the start-ups as well as growing businesses.

Install a POS system as soon as possible.

A POS system can bring your supermarket to the next best level. To grow your business, it will aid your supermarket grow beyond its size, scope, and other factors. There are many features of an ideal POS system offers. It helps you to keep all the records of your purchases, sales, tax, accounting, financing, and other required reports.

Moreover, BooksPOS – a business changing POS system, comes with built in accounting. It means you don’t need any other software when you have BooksPOS.

Also, supermarkets need to have a good and accurate track of inventories. BooksPOS lets you manage inventory too. You can create inventory falling notification and you will be notified once your inventory is dropped. This way you will never run out of stock.

Also, you can create customer loyalty programs with a pos system that lets you bring in more customers.

Withal, remember to pick a reliable POS system for your supermarket that is powerful enough to contribute on your supermarket’s success. A POS system helps a lot to grow your business.

Provide your customers a varying range of services rather than only foodstuffs.

Besides, selling foodstuffs to your customers provide them a broad range of services. A supermarket’s main motive is to vend foodstuffs and ingredients to their customers. However, you shouldn’t simply intern yourself to providing that service alone, if you want your supermarket to develop. Think outside the box and suggest that you might not hope that from a supermarket, but assure that there’s still something that supply value to the customer.

Like in case, what about a department of the store, where a chef can cook the ingredients and foodstuffs that the customer has bought according to their choice? Or how about the delivery services done by groceries? The possibilities are never-ending. You give your customers more reasons to choose your supermarket and stick with it by elaborating on what kind of services your supermarket offers.

Look into promoting your supermarket to the public.

Get the title about your supermarket.

Take out a billboard or give ads in promoting your supermarket’s name and the services it offers. If you don’t want to splash too much, then take to social media and promote your business there. Setting up an official company page takes no time at all, and you can manage it at your leisure.

Promoting your supermarket and insistent it into the public awareness is a great way to get more customers and thus assemble more growth –just be sure to take care of the image you’re handling, otherwise it may backfire on you.

Train your staff to be helpful to your customers and offer suggestions.

Ordinary clients will stroll into a supermarket, having positively no clue about what to purchase, or get confounded on where a particular thing is in your store at any rate. Your staff ought to have the option to help them in such manner, not just in addressing their inquiries and solicitations for help, yet in addition offering proposals with regards to what they may have to purchase. This shows them that you, as a business, really focuses on their requirements and needs, and hence increment the odds of them returning as steadfast clients.

Guarantee holding up occasions at counters and lines are short.

Nobody likes to stand by in line, in particular supermarket clients. Ensure that they will not need to stand by excessively long by having a sizable amount of staff going to counters and clerks. You can likewise have seats or seats around holding up territories to make your clients’ stand by a touch more endurable. At long last, train your staff in having the option to handle deals or protests quicker.

Make item packages.

Collecting or packaging items all together contribution can complete two things: one, it helps to fail to meet expectations things get sold close by well-known ones, giving you back the stock space that you need. Second is that it causes the client to feel like they’re getting additional incentive for their cash, when actually they are paying slightly, not exactly on the off chance that they’ve purchased the two things independently. This can prompt higher client commitment, which thus means higher income.

Create customer loyalty programs and reward your most loyal customers with perks and privileges.

To grow your business, you can reward your loyal customers by giving them loyalty points against every purchase. You can also try exclusive vouchers and discounts. This will make them feel valued. They will be encouraged to visit your store again. This way will also bring in new customers to increase sales in your supermarket, in order to get the same incentives like older customers. This will again foster your sales and revenue earning capacity.

However, loyalty programs can be made only with POS software. An ideal POS software gives you all the CRM features to manage your customers.

BooksPOS, an ideal POS software allows you to create custom offers and feature-rich customer loyalty benefits and membership options. All the offers get applied to your sales automatically with BooksPOS software.

How to grow your business by increasing sales?

When you walk into a grocery store, whether you realize this or not, everything is designed to make you buy more. From the cards to the smells, from the music to the shelves, every careful research has determined what will sell best. By knowing the tricks of the trade that your supermarket is using, you can become a more disciplined shopper.

Look at the key areas in your sales process and seek ways to improve a little bit in each area. A small improvement in each key area can lead to an enormous improvement in overall sales results. Staying motivated to achieve those sales goals can be challenging, but is vital to developing your business. Your problem-solving ability is a key determinant of how much you can accomplish with your business.

Here’s the top 10 tricks that grocery stores use in order to make you buy more once you’re in the store:

Oversized grocery carts

Everything you could use is this grocery cart space. Well, you are not alone. In fact, the majority of people don’t even use half of that space. Grocery stores purposefully oversized your cart and making your cart bigger than you need. Thus, it looks like it’s never full, so it psychologically makes you feel like you haven’t purchased enough.

We naturally assume that the cart is sized to meet our needs. Therefore, we try to fill it up. Like how bigger plates will make you eat more, bigger shopping carts will make you shop more.
According to Martin Lindstrom marketing consultants, when shopping cart sizes were doubles, customers bought 19% more. So, next time user small account if your grocery store has one and see if your spending habits change.

Aromas love the smell of freshly baked bread or fresh rotisserie chicken.

Well, again you’re not alone! Grocery stores are ready to give you exactly what you want at that moment. You walk in the door. You’re assaulted with all of these delicious smells. And for this reason, you to get your saliva raglan’s working. That is why the rotisserie chickens in the bakery are located near the front of the store.

The supermarket should not just be polite by offering samples. Offering free samples is a great way to push a specific product. Let’s take another example. Cosmetics are also great sample products and increase sales by 550% so the next time you try to grow your business, a sample handing would be a devious move.


We all know music plays a powerful influence on our mood. But, did you know that stores use music to affect how fast we shop?

It’s totally true.

During peak hours, stores will often play faster music to make you shop faster. Men get you out of the store, but during the peak hours many stores will play music with the rhythm that’s lower than the average heartbeat.

According to the author of brands washed, having server-based music makes people stay in the store longer. And, for your astonishment, they buy up to 29% more!

Shelves height

Supermarkets should know the things their customers see first is incredibly important. This is why shelf placement has almost become a science in supermarkets. In order to make your customers buy the highest markup items possible. A quick rundown of the stretch level which is above your head is one of the worst places for a product. Some customers aren’t even tall enough to reach this level, and there are even the ones who don’t want to reach out there. This is where low profit margins’ items are placed.

Small and light items, due to safety reasons, are placed at the eye level shelves. They are the most important place in the store. Products located at eye level receive 35% greater attention than those on lower shelves. This is because the store will often put the highest profit margin products here.

All the sweet cereals and candy are located between three to four feet high. Candy companies know better than markets adults. Kids just having sweet tooth get all the attention from the companies selling sugary products. Finally, the stoop level is the height where you have to bend over. This is similar to the stretch level and is one of the worst places on the shelf. This is basically products purgatory for everyone except bargain hunters who are willing to stoop over for a deal.

So, remember, place high profit margin driving products at the eye-level to grow your business.

Associated items

There are some products that we subliminally associate with each other. Whether we realize this, there are lots of things that can fall into this category. These are products where if you buy one, you’re very likely to buy another.

If you see in supermarkets, know this and place these products next to each other because customers are more likely to buy both products as a pair. This is why, for example; Jelly would be right next to peanut butter in an American supermarket. It’s also why you’ll find toothbrushes right next to the toothpaste.

Therefore, to increase sales and grow your business, place associate items in close.

Scattering the important items

One way at grocery store increase sales is by ensuring that the customer travels down each and every aisle. So as important as it is to keep associated items close together, it’s equally important to spread out the most important products evenly across the aisles in order to keep customers moving through the store.

There are certain staples in most people’s diets that are predictable: breast milk, eggs, cereal, coffee, pasta, rice, beans, and meats as well as some others. These are the products that most people go to the supermarket for. By making sure each of these staple items has its own place miles away.

The supermarket should essentially design their customers’ shopping trip and send them down as many miles as possible. The olive is expensive, cheeses and vitamin supplements which aren’t usually part of shopping lists can make it into the cart because you have to pass by them. While you’re getting the essentials by doing this, the supermarket maximizes the chance of customers making an impulse purchase and filling up that oversized cart.

BooksPOS –
Single Retail POS system for your Entire Business.

BooksPOS is the best inventory management software which offers you offline mode, unified inventory, and other inventory management tools.
BooksPOS’ POS software for your business.

BooksPOS system is easy-to-use and affordable as well. It allows you to manage all your operations in central, could-based software. Moreover, it provides you with semi-integrated secured P2PE (point-to-point encryption) payment options. BooksPOS offers you to run all your franchise stores seamlessly from any location.

BooksPOS is a fully integrate and compatible solution for your retail. No matter how big or small your business is, our system is compatible and has a solution to fit. It easily stands on your needs to the best above all.

Features BooksPOS offers

Our retail POS system offers you many beneficial features:

1. Unified Inventory

BooksPOS lets you sync your inventory and orders. It unifies inventory from across many marketplaces. It includes offline retailers as well as e-commerce websites. Certainly, it helps save your time spent on manual work.

2.  Franchise Management

You can manage your franchise stores and bill them on MRP discounts or allow revenue sharing. Also, track your brand profitability in real-time on the sales at your stores.

3.  Works Offline

BooksPOS never disappoints its customers when it comes to their fluency of work. You can continue your operations even when there is no internet. Our systems opt-in to offline mode and syncs data whenever the internet establishes.

4.  Customer Loyalty

Compel your customer to return back to your shops. Our software allows you to give redeemable loyalty points for shopping at your store. You can also create schemes for customers’ monthly shopping and visits. 

5.  Finance and Accounting

Save up to 50% of your time while we process your accounting, which involves both sales and purchases. You won’t need any extra accounting software with our software. We manage to generate tax reports and financial statements. BooksPOS manages your accounting and creates compliant journal entries automatically. It also generates automated delivery challans. You don’t have to worry about any inaccuracy or omission. Here, everything operates electronically, so there’s no chance of human error.

6.  Integrations

Our inventory software is API friendly to the hilt. It integrates with your existing software for accounting, payments, shipping, and inventory management. It proves compatible with any existing software you have and syncs data with ease.

BooksPOS care for our customers and provide 24*7 continuity support. We have trained our team to reach out to you at any hour of the day. Further, help you build the features you need in your system.

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