BooksPOS or Shopkeep POS - Know why BooksPOS is better.

BooksPOS or Shopkeep POS – Which is a better retail software?
BooksPOS is an all-in-one Retail Management solution for your business. Although Shopkeep POS is popular, it is not always the right choice for your retail store. Retailers love BooksPOS for its functionality, ease of use, and outstanding support.

Here are the top 6 reasons why BooksPOS is better.

Untitled design 6Works on any of your Hardware


FeaturesBooksPOSShopkeep POS
Mobile Phones

BooksPOS gives you the ability to work with the hardware of your choice. While Shopkeep POS requires you to use an iPad, BooksPOS works on all devices using a web browser. BooksPOS also has apps that work on mobile as well as tablets. In most cases you do not need to buy any additional hardware – BooksPOS works with what you already have. 

Untitled design 7Omni-Channel Integrations


IntegrationsBooksPOSShopkeep POS
Shopify POS

Unlike Shopkeep POS, BooksPOS integrates with Shopify, Woocommerce, and more marketplaces. You are not limited to the platform you use to sell online or not selling online at all – BooksPOS gives you the choice. 

Untitled design 8An enterprise like inventory management


FeaturesBooksPOSShopkeep POS
Unlimited Product Bins inside a retail location
Delay stock adjustments
Multi-Store Inventory
Stock Transfers with approvals
Inter-location Stock Replenishments
Franchisee Management
Tag Sales (or Purchases) using multiple vouchers
Partial physical stock counting
Advance inventory reports

Inventory management is hard. BooksPOS makes complex inventory management easy through advanced inventory tagging into unlimited bins, delayed stock adjustments, multi-store inventory, stock transfers, and replenishments, franchisee management, etc. You can also create multiple sales vouchers from a single register – BooksPOS gives you the control you need.

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Untitled design 9Targeted loyalty, promotions, and product pricing


FeaturesBooksPOSShopkeep POS
Advanced loyalty slabs and features
Controls to disallow discounting
Unlimited price-lists
Coupon discounts
Loyalty points
Product combos
Offers based on customer’s purchase history
Offer to stack on the same product
Manual discounts

As a retailer, you should be able to run smart offers that are unique, resulting in more sales. BooksPOS allows you to create Price Lists, Coupons and Offers like BOGOs or even complex combos. Moreover, multiple offers can apply at the same time. You can also create offers based on your customer’s purchase history giving them a personalized experience.

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Untitled design 5Financial Reporting, Accounting, and Tax Ready!


FeaturesBooksPOSShopkeep POS
Tax Compliant Reports
Financial Statements
Expense Management

Save 50% of your time with BooksPOS built-in accounting which will record purchases and sales. Tax Ready! You get tax reports based on your sales which can help you file taxes and other documents at the end of the month/quarter/year. Also, auto-generate delivery documents. BooksPOS is the only platform that gives you the true picture of your business.

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Untitled design 10Get more value for what you pay


BooksPOS FeaturesValue
Accounting (Quickbooks) $75/mo
Omnichannel Inventory management $40/mo
Business Intelligence tool $200/mo
White Labelling options $50/mo
API Access* $250/mo
Total $615/mo

*API Access is a customs requirement and there will be an additional cost to using it.

Unlike Shopkeep POS that will cost you around $69 to $99/month, BooksPOS starts with $29 per device. BooksPOS gives more value to the dollar you pay than any other POS software in the industry. With the BooksPOS subscription, you get access to all the features as well as the updates that we release frequently.

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It is clear that BooksPOS is a better point of sale software as compared to Shopkeep POS. BooksPOS provides a better version of every feature like inventory management, retail insights, customer management, and point of sale.

BooksPOS is built for smaller retailers and grows as the retailer grows. Therefore, our software promises the best point of sale service that starts from only $29 USD per device with 24*7 customer support.

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